For consistently going above and beyond the call of duty, and always with a smile on her face.

Paving with 3 pavers we had to back a truck between paver 1 and paver 3. Ray made sure all the crew was out of the way and then spotted for the truck making sure it could safely get back to the middle paver.

Whether Mollie is working long days or long nights, she’s always there to answer questions (big or small), taking time to help other people and in the process, making the people who work with and around her feel supported.

When Nick noticed a co-worker’s tire was flat, he could have simply told his co-worker (which would have been nice enough.) But instead, he put her spare tire on so she could make it home safely.

From streamlining the invoicing process to going on detached duty to suggesting glass cases in the lobby to display out prodcts, Lisa’s creativity and hard work inspire others to lead the way!    

“What happens when the accounting team made it a priority to improve customer service? They reduced their response time by over 30% in four months! April 27.5 min – 44% under 10 min • May 12.4 min – 61% under 10 min • June 10.4 min – 70% under 10 min • July 7.4 min – 76% under 10 min” Shawn Byrns, Gabi Cardozo, Brad Hill, James Kral, Christine Rochowiak, Phil Schick, Michelle Shields, Sara Skolasky, Chris Woolley

While paving in an apartment complex, Cole noticed a woman trying cross the hot mat to take her trash to the dumpster. Cole explained that this wasn’t safe and carried her trash around the mat to the dumpster.

First-year intern Mitchell’s infectious enthusiasm and hard work for payroll as well as the intern program was deeply appreciated by all.

Dawn collected broken, unusable company phones and instead of pitching them, she recycled 41 company phones and received a whopping $2,889 credit for the company from Verizon.

An accident outside the plant provided the perfect opportunity for Rexanne and Rick to spring into action. Putting safety and people first, Rick redirected traffic and Rexanne offered first aid until police arrived.