Asphalt resurfacing can be a cost-effective alternative to completely replacing an asphalt surface. Our professional Michigan asphalt paving experts can help you understand your options when making the decision to repair or replace your existing surface.

Regular maintenance, including patching, crack filling and sealcoating, can extend the life of your asphalt surface — helping you to achieve the best possible return on your investment — for both residential and commercial projects.

If your asphalt has degenerated past the point of sealcoating, Michigan Paving’s trained and experienced staff can review your specific situation and recommend whether resurfacing is an appropriate option.

The asphalt structure’s base holds the key to whether resurfacing is possible. As long as the base is stable and the drainage is sufficient, asphalt resurfacing can be a viable option.

When you contact us to repair or replace your commercial parking lot or industrial surface, our expert estimators will assess your project and determine if the life of your existing pavement can be extended through simple maintenance. We use state-of-the-art technology to provide you with a comprehensive inspection report before starting on any project.

We pride ourselves in being experts at preventative asphalt maintenance. If we can repair your surface, we will not sell you a new one. If you are looking to replace your existing asphalt pavement surface, our expert installers will make sure the job is done right the first time and with precision.

Our Michigan asphalt company provides asphalt pavement resurfacing and repair services for Central and West Michigan, with locations in Grand Rapids, Jackson, Lansing and Kalamazoo.

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