4 Questions You Should Be Asking Your Paving Contractor In Michigan

The quality of services your paving contractor in Michigan provides to you really matters. High-quality service and proper maintenance can make a substantial difference in how well your pavement ages and how much it costs you in the long run. A high-quality paving solution can extend the life of your pavement and result in less […]

How Potholes Form And How We Can Help Prevent Them

While you may have seen numerous potholes in your life, you might not fully understand how potholes form and how we can actually help prevent them from occurring in the first place. Potholes Develop When Water Seeps into Pavement through Unsealed or Improperly Sealed Cracks When the water that seeped underneath the pavement freezes, it expands and […]

Important Facts to Know About Michigan Asphalt Plants

Unlike many asphalt contractors in the area, Michigan Paving & Materials Co., not only provides paving services to organizations across the state, but we also produce our own asphalt. This gives us a number of unique competitive advantages compared to other asphalt contractors in the area. Because we produce all of our own asphalt, we […]

Steady Increase in Asphalt Sustainability Among Michigan Paving Contractors

Michigan residents may be surprised to hear that the latest survey from the National Asphalt Paving Association (NAPA) found a wide array of recycled materials that were used to make asphalt pavements across the country. In this blog, we’ll highlight some of these findings and also explain why using recycled materials is beneficial for the […]


Why You Should Use Asphalt Over Concrete

The decision over what type of pavement best suits your needs may not always be easy to figure out. All of the major differences between asphalt and concrete may not jump out to the average person. While pavement may play an essential role in getting us to where we need to go every day, you […]

Eco-friendly Asphalt Paving Contractor In Michigan

Eco-friendly Asphalt Paving for a Greener Corporate Initiative

Environmentally-friendly, sustainable commercial and industrial business practices are essential in modern America. We know this because we see the importance of this ourselves at Michigan Paving & Materials. The asphalt paving industry of today is not the asphalt paving industry of yesterday. Production has gotten much cleaner. In fact, since 1970, “the asphalt industry has […]