Michigan Paving and Materials celebrates substantial completion of historic I-69 project

Michigan Paving and Materials celebrates substantial completion of historic I-69 project

In November 2023, Michigan Paving and Materials Co. completed the largest project in the company’s history. Over the course of the last three years, Michigan Paving rebuilt 23 miles of I-69 between Marshall and Charlotte in Eaton and Calhoun counties in a project totaling $210 million.

During the rebuild, which utilized Michigan Department of Transportation’s innovative design-build model allowing for an accelerated design and construction timeline, over 750,000 tons of asphalt was used for the construction of new roadways. Thanks to the company’s expansive network, Michigan Paving was able to provide aggregate and asphalt mix from its own resources for most of the project.

A key part of the project was removing and crushing old freeway concrete and asphalt, which was recycled and used as aggregate material for new roadbeds and in our hot mix asphalt.  In total, we were able to incorporate over 600,000 tons of recycled material back into the project.  This technique helped create cost and environmental savings. Michigan Paving is proud to make significant contributions to environmental sustainability.

During the project, Michigan Paving had the pleasure to work alongside some of our industry partners to help complete this historic project.

We worked closely with Anlaan Corporation to rehabilitate 26 bridges and complete a full replacement of the 15 Mile Road bridge over I-94.

In addition, Michigan Paving worked closely with Hoffman Bros., who handled earthwork activity and the installation of culverts to properly manage drainage and maintain streams.

Michael Baker International joined forces with Michigan Paving to help design the project, and we partnered closely with Michigan Department of Transportation throughout the project’s timeline.

Michigan Paving would like to thank all the hardworking employees, partners, and MDOT, for allowing us to contribute to these substantial infrastructure upgrades in the state of Michigan.

Check out some photos of our hardworking paving crews wrapping up the project. 


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