How Moving To Warm Mix Asphalt Is Beneficial For The Environment

Years before sustainability was a noble goal for many Americans, the Asphalt industry was way before its time in terms of the viability of asphalt as an environmentally friendly paving material.

While most people may not realize it, asphalt is actually the most recycled material in the entire USA. Each year roughly 100 million tons of old asphalt is reclaimed, with about 60 million tons being reused to make new asphalt mixes and the remaining being used for other pavement applications such as for aggregate road base.

Other Asphalt Technologies To Help Reduce Air Emissions

Aside from the sheer amount of asphalt that is recycled each year, the paving industry doesn’t just stop there. In fact, they’re constantly working on additional technologies to reduce emissions, which all contribute to the degradation of the environment. One such advancement is called warm-mix asphalt, which we’ll explore further in this blog.

What Is Warm-Mix Asphalt?

Warm mix asphalt technologies allow for both the production and pouring of asphalt to be done at lower temperatures than conventional hot mix applications. Conventional asphalt is typically produced at roughly 320 degrees Fahrenheit whereas warm mix can be produced at temperatures ranging from 280 all the way down to 212 degrees Fahrenheit. Warm mix has seen wide adoption across the country since it was first introduced in 2004.

Benefits Of Warm Mix Paving Materials In Michigan

There are a whole host of reasons why warm mix asphalt is beneficial both in Michigan and beyond. A few of these reasons include:

  • Environmental Benefits – Warm mix asphalt has a whole host of environmental benefits including reduced emissions, reduced fossil fuel consumption, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions as well.
  • Energy Reduction – By running warm mix as opposed to conventional asphalt, manufacturing plants are able to reduce energy consumption significantly, often by an average of 20 percent.
  • Extended Paving Season In Michigan – Another benefit of warm mix asphalt is that it extends the paving season in cooler climates like Michigan. This allows contractors to complete more jobs, and thus price their services more competitively than if they could only rely on income during the months when conventional asphalt could be poured.

Contact Michigan Paving & Materials Co. For More Information About Warm Mix Asphalt

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