Michigan Paving & Materials, Stoneco of Michigan, and Cadillac Asphalt have recommitted themselves to safety with a series of safety-centric workdays called “SEE-STOP-DO Days”. The name is a reference to the safety pledge taken by employees, which states “When I see something, I will stop and do something.”

The concept of SEE-STOP-DO Days was introduced by CRH. Rick Becker, President of CRH’s Michigan companies, personally reached out to fourteen employees at all levels from Michigan Paving & Materials, Stoneco, and Cadillac groups to get their teams involved with the program. These managers, team leads, and other employees worked together to set up SEE-STOP-DO days state-wide.

The three companies are dedicating one day a month for the next six months for this series. On this day, employees are to make their best efforts to clear their schedules of meetings, calls, and other obligations and instead focus on safety. On this day, employees will participate in timely safety talks or training.

Employees from all three companies took part in a SEE-STOP-DO Day on July 1. This day focused on heat safety, avoiding tick bites, hydration tips, and other general summer hazards. Employees also received a report with current safety performance numbers for all of CRH’s Great Lakes Division.

The rest of the SEE-STOP-DO Day series will take place on the following dates: July 29, August 26, September 30, October 29, December 2, and January 6, 2022.

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